Our solution to a burning need.

within minutes

We detect all ignitions within minutes, alert the stakeholders and prevent the fires from entering their growth phase.


Our sensors are deployed across varied topologies without losing efficacy or giving way to blind spots.


Our robustly built technology is deployed over vast areas at an order of magnitude lower investment.


Our platform delivers high granularity of hazard susceptibility prior to, and during an event.



Improve financial performance by minimizing extraordinary expenses and increasing profitability.

Reduce mitigation costs

Minimize revenue losses

Reduce insurance spend by minimizing risk

Regulatory compliance

Helping industries meet<br>the growing regulatory demands on safety


Promote transparency

Be well-positioned for regulatory scrutiny

Adhere to safety protocols

Community relations

Build trust by committing to safety and environmental protection, support

CSR initiatives.

Enhance corporate reputation

Watch over local communities by alerting impending threats



Follow through on sustainability commitments and make a meaningful impact on decarbonization.

Reduce CO2 emissions

Safeguard human health

Protect ecosystem and biodiversity

Transmission line operators

We help operators rise to the challenge of monitoring and effectively mitigating wildfire threats, managing risks and ensuring operational safety.


Safeguard infrastructure by continuously monitoring the assets and catching anomalies early, thereby optimizing the downtime and ensuring reliable delivery.

Asset Protection

Wildfire detection, Vegetation management, Vibration monitoring, Catching line failures.

Service continuity

Reduce power outages, Minimize revenue losses, Reduce SAIDI & SAIFI, Optimize scheduled maintenance.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

We help critical infrastructure operators detect anomalies across vast areas to manage risk and preempt costly damage.

Line tracing config for oil and gas pipelines


Safeguard infrastructure by continuously monitoring the assets and catching anomalies early and thereby promoting resilient supply and ensuring reliable delivery.

Asset Protection

Wildfire detection, Gas leak detection, Cathodic protection monitoring.

Service continuity

Eliminate disruptions to the supply of oil and gas, minimize revenue losses and optimize scheduled maintenance.

Forestry and Agriculture

We help land stewards safeguard crops and biodiversity from wildfires thereby minimizing losses and improving the yield.


Safeguard landscapes, farmlands, and plantations and minimize the damage caused by wildfires by monitoring vast landscapes uniformly, detecting and mitigating ignitions early.


Monitor vast forest ranges over varied terrains and guarantee reliable communication in remote locations. Optimize response resources to combat wildfires effectively.


Mitigate fires by profiling the temporal risk and detecting ignition within minutes.

Fire response teams

We help fire response teams to effectively deploy their resources by directing their resources to combat fires that shall prove to be most catastrophic.


Eliminate the losses suffered by the response team and minimize public spending by detecting wildfires early and empowering them with enhanced situational awareness.


Provide a robust and localized temporal risk of wildfires and thereby equip the fire response teams to make more informed decision.


Triangulate the source of ignition with great precision and deter the actions of antisocial elements.